First Look At The Documentary On Canada’s Unsung Design

While Betsy Ross famously sewed the stars and stripes on the first American flag, the maple leaf that dons Canada’s flag was actually born from a national design competition in the 1960s. Canada’s design movement, born in the mid-20th century, helped transform the country from vast wild outpost to a thriving, unified nation.

The new documentary, Design Canada, is about just that transformation. We initially wrote about the film when it was still a Kickstarter campaign, but now, filmmaker Greg Durrell has released the first trailer in anticipation of the film’s inaugural tour.

Design Canada will premiere this June in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Tickets are available for those screenings now here. Additional screenings in the U.S. and Europe will be announced soon. And if you don’t think you’ll make it out to the theater in time, the film will have a global digital release this September.MW

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