Upcoming: Nuart Aberdeen 2018 (Full Program)

We are only few days away from the 2nd edition of Nuart Aberdeen officially taking over the streets of Granite City, but also its conference halls, cinemas, bars, clubs, etc. And while the first artists are already busy creating their newest public works (as seen on Nuart Aberdeen’s Instagram), AM team is getting ready for their annual trip, and will be reporting from the scene and participating in some of the events.

Aside from beautifying the streets of Aberdeen, Nuart will be hosting a whole series of Street Art-related events – workshops, gallery shows, movie projections and premieres, parties, etc. The program is starting on 12th of April with Inky Protest group show that will display a selection of work from the archives of Nuart and Peacock Visual Arts print houses, and a talk by critic and curator Carlo McCormick. “My talk will be the darkest and most disturbed bit of public speaking I’ll have done in many decades. From the Unabomber to the perverse drawings that monks did in the margins of illuminated manuscripts it’s quite possible no one will talk to me after this one.” – says McCormick about his much anticipated presentation.

Aberdeen will also host the UK premiere of Shadowman (header image), documentary about one of the founders of the Street Art movement – Richard Hambleton, as well as Nuart X Amnesty International panel debate with references to the North East Suffragette movement.  Other talks program includes contributions from artists Ernest Zacharevic, Hyuro, Carrie Reichardt, Ciaran Glöbel and Bordalo II as well as a keynote speeches by Jacob Kimvall (author of The G-Word), and sessions with Cedar Lewisohn (ex-Tate Modern curator), Evan Pricco (Editor, Juxtapoz Magazine)Carlo McCormick and Adrian Burnham (Flyingleaps.co.uk). All hosted under the auspices of Dr. Susan Hansen (Middlesex University) and Pedro Soares Neves (Lisbon Street Art & Urban Creativity). 

Full program, which can be found here, also includes workshops by Nipper and Bortusk Leer, guided tours of all the new works, and a special performance by the Chicago House legend Robert Owens.

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