0321 studio conceals restaurant behind flower shop in dongguan, china

located in dongguan, china, nous is an experimental restaurant-meets-flower shop designed by 0321 studio. the creative agency achieved a coexistence of the two functions by placing the flower shop in the threshold between the interior and the street, eliminating any visual information linking to the restaurant.

all photos by meat mountain

the studio inserted a transparent, colored-glass cube in the doorway, serving as a boundary between the store and the outside world. visitors to the restaurant are required to walk through the box, which combines the flower display, floral operation, storage and other functions.

only one material was used in the restaurant’s interior to create an intense visual experience where a terrazzo finish with enlarged white aggregates covers the floors, walls and cast-in benches. the pink staircase creates visual ties between the restaurant and the flower shop while serving as a vertical circulation tool.

project info:

architect: 0321 studio

lead designer: buyang zheng

design team: yulong hu, easyhos ,jason ,kiki

name: nous restaurant & flowers

location: dongcheng district, dongguan, china

total floor area: 240 m2

lights: agn

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edited by: sofia lekka angelopoulou | designboom

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