ICYMI: George Condo: Expanded Portrait Compositions

In case you need a super-refresher on Mr. Condo, he was the artist behind Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy artwork. Oh, and he is a phenomenol painter who has shown around the world to massive acclaim and collector wishlists. There’s that, too. From the museum: 

The sneering teeth, the purple hair, the contorted faces, the delicately delineated nudes often surrounded by their more lascivious male counterparts, reflect today’s ongoing moral morass and social strife within the headquarters of some abandoned alley of human values. The classical faces interrupted by grimacing profiles and the shifting between thick and thin pastel lines with acrylic overlay create a pulsating rhythm across the surface of the canvas, further echoing today’s sociological angst. Condo’s proficiency as a draughtsman and a painter are evident in the multilayered approach to composition, creating a push and pull between positive and negative space and reflecting positive and negative energies, situating the portrait in a field of psychological activation.

Photos by @sashabogojev for Juxtapoz

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