Lego-Compatible Furniture Is Just As Awesome As It Sounds

[Photo: Nine Associates]That’s exactly how this storage furniture works–it’s covered with studs that are compatible with Lego’s interlocking system. In fact, the designers call the collection Stüda, combining the name of these plastic protuberances with Ikea’s naming conventions. The modules, which will appear at Milan Design Week this month, are made with a solid surface material called Corian and come in three different dimensions and many colors.

[Photo: Nine Associates]These Lego-compatible surfaces open up a world of decorative possibilities. Not only will kids have a blast decorating their own rooms with all kinds of random patterns, but adult fans of Lego–or AFOLs, as we are known amongst ourselves–would be able to do the exactly the same, perhaps complimenting their existing decor with Lego-made patterns. Designer Paolo Emilio Bellisario points out that the system also lets you leave messages or attach objects like vases, photo frames, bowls, a custom made phone charging station. You could even turn your credenza into a biomedical research station, given the diverse range of ways these little plastic blocks are used today.

There’s an added bonus: Since kids will want to build every single brick into their new fittings, parents may see a drop in agonizing midnight ALFIs, or  Accidental Lego Foot Injury (I just made this acronym up, but you know what I mean).JD

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