Metals set the mood at Milan Design Week

MILAN – Partnering with designers including Rockwell Group, Chemetal presents Milan Design Week 2018 visitors with a pop-up restaurant imbued with a particular atmosphere.

Having launched a collection of embossed anodized metal patterns last year, the US-based manufacturer of metal designs and laminates is leveraging the classic character of its surfaces for the hospitality space. ‘The anodized classics create great metal moods, bringing a fantastic colour and energy to interior spaces,’ says Chemetal creative director and president Geoff Schaefer of the company’s most popular product series.

Designed by We Are Huntly, The Penny Drop’s interior design applies Chemetal 906 brushed copper aluminium as an expression of the menu and story of the Melbourne café, which serves modern, innovative cuisine alongside the classics.

Chemetal, a family-owned company that has been in the business for over 50 years, prides itself on quality design materials and customer service, making many of its metal designs in-house. The company specializes in brushing, aging, and adding a patina to metals such as aged copper and oxidized brass. ‘It’s what makes us unique,’ says Schaefer, ‘no one else makes design materials like this: creating the appearance of having been aged for years in a 20-minute manufacturing process.’ Flexible, durable, and relatively easy to install, Chemetal designs are installed in commercial interior projects all over the world.

A case in point is the Cap Beauty store at Fred Segal in Los Angeles, which uses 903 polished brass aluminium in the counter surfaces to punctuate the space (pictured above). Whether for retail display or product trials that allow staff to connect with customers, the reflective quality of the material adds a strong visual cue of luxury to the interior.

In contrast, the 814 Satin Golden Bronze wall panel shown below can be applied to imbue a space with a more subdued elegance.

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