Calvin Marcus at Clearing

Calvin Marcus at Clearing

Artist: Calvin Marcus

Venue: Clearing, New York

Exhibition Title: Automatic Drawings

Date: March 6 – April 15, 2018

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Calvin Marcus at Clearing

Calvin Marcus at Clearing

Calvin Marcus at Clearing

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Images courtesy of the artist and Clearing, New York/Brussels. Photos © Stan Narten.

Press Release:

In Automatic Drawings, perspective constantly shifts. Characters and short fictions emerge and repeat but their action is non linear – as if they were passing thoughts occupying a void rather than a singular physical plane. This lack of discernible direction or sequence mimics the private space of the mind where memory and cognition are constantly rearranging images and information to form connections and stories. Antithetical to their precise execution, Marcus’ inky shapes and figures invoke the cosmic theater of the surreal. The artist’s mind isn’t just a site of production but a route for escape.

Link: Calvin Marcus at Clearing

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