Crazy Fast Website Building with Elementor

Would you like to build a website at speed? Like building a Lego house in minutes fast?

All without writing a line of code? Does this sound good to you…Before now this might have been a pipe dream.

Now, a dedicated team of professionals have decided to make it come true for you. It is called Elementor, the #1 WordPress website builder that you can use for free.

It has gathered over 700,000 loyal users in less than two years. This is due to the highly specific features designed with web professionals in mind. Yet, whether you’re a seasoned designer or taking your first steps toward design, you can use the crazy-fast way to build your website. It has a 5-step work flow that makes it a dream to use.

Introducing Elementor

1-2-700x478 Crazy Fast Website Building with Elementor

1-2-700x478 Crazy Fast Website Building with Elementor

Elementor was created to solve one major problem: feeling “stuck” in a theme’s design.

The team behind this WordPress page builder wanted to offer web professionals freedom to create websites the way they wanted, but without having to write code or design things from scratch.

Elementor is the first theme builder where you can design everything directly on the frontend with instant results, but you also get total control over layout customization.

However, that didn’t fulfill the whole dream picture the team had when creating Elementor. So now they’re releasing Elementor 2.0 all throughout the year, one feature at a time.

Blocks: The crazy-fast way to build websites

2-2-700x413 Crazy Fast Website Building with Elementor

2-2-700x413 Crazy Fast Website Building with Elementor

Blocks are pre-designed section templates that you can combine any way you please to create a website or landing page. It is a spectacular first feature.

Here’s how it works:

You just pick the blocks you need, like the hero, testimonials, or the service presentations section. Then you can custom them to suit your site!

You have 235 blocks to choose from and they are all organized in 15 main categories:

  • Header, Services, Contracts, Price, Team, Testimonials
  • Portfolio/Gallery, Clients/Friends, About, Call to Action
  • Progress Bar, Countdown, Subscribe, Forms, Footer, Feature

To make it even easier for you to create the perfect website, you have the option of light or dark type blocks. It allows you to adapt a dark block to a dark themed website with a simple background color change and a few minor clicks of the mouse.

Optimized Workflow

Using Blocks can really change the way you build websites by optimizing your workflow down to five simple steps.

  1. Create basic wireframe
  2. Build page using Blocks
  3. Customize each Block
  4. Save your new custom Blocks as a section templates
  5. Reuse saved sections on other projects

New Template Types and Conditions

3-2-700x319 Crazy Fast Website Building with Elementor

3-2-700x319 Crazy Fast Website Building with Elementor

Compatibility with themes is crucially important when building your site. With Elementor 2.0 you get a wide array of new templates that are compatible with almost any theme.

Header and Footer is the number one template that Elementor users have specifically asked for, and their wish is granted. Until now, the Header Footer template was static and came from the theme. Now you can customize it any way you wish.

You also get access to 404 customizations like the Archive feature, and the 404 features. This can be crucial when designing your website.

Each template has its own corresponding area in your WordPress website where it can be applied. If you want to create a header template that is displayed ONLY as the header of your single post, you can set the conditions using a simple interface to determine exactly where the template is implemented.

What made Elementor the #1 WordPress Theme Builder

The creators of Elementor 2.0 made sure to keep the amazing features exactly as they needed to be to become the #1 WordPress Theme Builder.

Total Customization Over Layout

A lot of theme builders promise high customization, Elementor premium website builder has taken it to a whole new level. You get extended control over various sections, such as the width and height of each section. Column size and content position were not forgotten, nor were dynamic size settings for padding and margins. There is even a column gap setting for “cleaner” design.

Impressive Template Library

Elementor offers you a wide variety of beautiful templates, covering different industries, styles, and specific needs. You can choose a pre-designed template, or you can easily design the page yourself, then save it in your templates and reuse it later. You can also export or import your templates, so you can use them with other websites. You can also share them with other designers.

Over 40 Elements Included

4-2-700x280 Crazy Fast Website Building with Elementor

4-2-700x280 Crazy Fast Website Building with Elementor

You have got the whole package. That is forty elements included for free with advanced widgets such as Carousel or Google Maps.

For live page builders you get access to customized widgets created for just that purpose. You can achieve virtually any layout you want, to the tiniest detail, such as the spacing inside the progress bar. You can also include your preferred plugins and widgets automatically, you don’t need to write a single line of code to embed them inside Elementor.

100% Responsive Design

5-2-700x410 Crazy Fast Website Building with Elementor

5-2-700x410 Crazy Fast Website Building with Elementor

The team behind Elementor gave a 110% to make it look flawless on any device because this can make or break a website. Device preview screens, percentage-based element widths and device visibility control are available to make sure your users experience your website the way you’ve designed it.

Why you should try it now

  • Elementor has seriously changed the way we build websites. Easy, great & crazy-fast is not just a dream anymore – it’s perfectly achievable thanks to the theme builder’s new feature, Blocks.
  • And that’s just the beginning: the team is going to release the game-changing Elementor 2.0 features all throughout the year, so make sure you don’t miss out on their updates.
  • You can install and use it for free, without writing a single line of code – so it’s perfect for you whether you’re a veteran web designer or developer, or you’re just starting out.
  • It’s as easy as creating a website or landing page using Lego blocks, only faster and more comfortable
  • Go ahead and give Elementor a try. Your entire workflow will optimize to just 5 simple steps: Create > Build > Customize > Save > Reuse

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