MINI LIVING – BUILT BY ALL envisions collaborative architecture at milan design week 2018

once again mesmerizing by making creative use of unused urban space, MINI LIVING presents a new visionary living concept at milan design week 2018. in collaboration with studiomama, the ‘MINI LIVING – built by all’ installation embellishes upon the brand’s progressive themes while highlighting the importance of the principle of participation. with this, the architecture aims to understand and address each individual’s requirements, needs and ideas, enabling the potential for close collaborations between residents and architects in the not-too-distant future.

all images courtesy of MINI LIVING

located in the tortona design district, ‘built by all’ which was developed in cooperation with london based design firm studiomama emphasizes the role that users make in shaping spaces. inside the formerly empty building, the concept showcases four separate, example living units, where residents can enjoy their privacy yet have the option to open it up to the public. with only 15-20 sqm each, all of them have different shapes, colors and materials and express not only the different personalities of their inhabitants but showcase the flexibility and versatility of the concept. the units are grouped together with a public area that encompasses a communal kitchen, ‘atrium’, garden and an outdoor gym. the result not only creates a curated, individualized concept but also one that is a self-contained mirco-neighborhood.

today’s standardized housing market is limited in its ability to meet the requirements of the individual,says oke hauser, creative lead MINI LIVING, explaining the approach behind the installation. ‘so our MINI LIVING – built by all installation turns people into active creators and puts them back at the heart of the design process. we believe the quality of a living space is determined by how well the residents identify with their home.

oke hauser, creative lead MINI LIVING (left), and nina tolstrup, founder of studiomama (right)

besides the london architectural firm’s installation, MINI LIVING has set up an experience area for visitors in the adjacent room. called ‘factory of ideas’, guests have the opportunity to create their own visions of their ideal living unit through the form of models. this practice reiterates the installation’s concept of close collaboration between residents and architects, fundamentally the creative input individuals have on the spaces they live in.

from april 17-22 2018, the ‘MINI LIVING – built by all’ installation is open to visitors on via tortona 32 in milan, italy.

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