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Primo Rossi Offices – São Paulo

DM/AM Arquitetura designed the new offices for financial service company Primo Rossi, located in São Paulo, Brazil.

Primo Rossi, a financial services company, moved to a new address at an old building that has just been renovated, through a LEED certificated retrofit process, located at Rua da Consolação, a bustling street in Downtown São Paulo.

Straight lines, colors and a clean design where the starting point to give the offices modernity, amplitude, and comfort. With only a few closures and glass partitions, which illuminates the offices with abundant natural sunlight, with the whole pavement floor made of reclaimed wood planks.

The furniture is clean and modern, but to grant the Brazilian characteristics as requested by the client, colors pop up in some pieces of furniture, and there’s a big handmade crochet rug in the middle of the space, which is itself an artwork, manufactured at Ceará’s countryside, a state at Brazil’s northeast.

DesignerDM/AM Arquitetura
Design Team: Dante Della Manna, Antonio Mantovani, Ana Carolina de Castro
Photography: Daniel Ducci

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