The Immaculate Renovation of Redondo Building in Coimbra

Made from oak and sucupira wood and designed in a modernist sensibility of clean lines and rectilinear geometry, these bespoke, free-standing pieces create a uniform aesthetic throughout the two residences, perfectly complemented by a neutral colour palette of white for walls, door frames and balustrades, and honey for the timber flooring.

The architects’ only dramatic intervention can be found in the attic, a space that has been completely transformed by having a large, triangular piece of the roof removed in order to create a unique, rooftop patio. Seamlessly connected with the furnished interiors through a pair of sliding doors, which can be completely retracted into the building fabric, and a stone bench that runs uninterrupted between the two areas, the attic has been transformed into a bright, sui generis space, both indoors and outdoors. Blessed with panoramic views and natural ventilation, and equipped with an exterior shower, it is an ideal place, in the middle of the city no less, to enjoy the long hot summers.

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