Computer Scientist and Visual Artist Jaron Lanier's TED Talk: A philosopher for the digital generation on the urgent changes we must make online

One of the brightest minds in computer science, Jaron Lanier‘s titles and accomplishments are many. Whether you primarily consider him the founder of virtual reality, a visual artist, an author or philosopher, his ideas and their execution have long been revolutionary. Lanier took the stage in Vancouver for this year’s TED—and his talk, very much in the raw but sharp and poignant style of TED days of old—was decidedly radical. Throughout, Lanier emphasized the urgency of changing social networks and the Internet as a whole, which he currently deems “behavior modification empires.” His core question, however, was what happens if we pay for these services? Would they, then, be more transparent and less concerned for prying in revenue streams across secretly? Lanier believe micropayments or subscription fees would not force people out, but provide an even safer, high quality destination. But the best way to understand his justification, is to hear it from his mouth.

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by Josh Rubin

The OQO Model 01 ultra personal computer (uPC) is a fully-functional Windows XP computer. The OQO has a 1GHz processor, a 20GB hard drive, 256MB of RAM, a color transflective display, and integrated wireless, as well as Fire Wire and USB ports. What…

Byrd and Belle Laptop Sleeve

by Tim Yu

Using high quality felted wool and hand dyed leather, Byrd and Belle recently released a smart looking laptop sleeve perfect for the Fall weather. The 1/8" thick Merino wool sleeve closes using a sturdy graphite snap to snugly fit your laptop…

Tâke Personal Pocket Safe

by Doug Black

One problem that comes with the internet's high level of data fluidity is how to keep your most private information private. Black Box Innovations attempts to ameliorate the issue with the Tâke Personal Pocket Safe. What appears to be an…

Mustache March

by Josh Rubin

Those crazy designers at Hanson Dodge Creative are nearing the end of a brilliant fundraiser– for the month of March they guys at the firm are growing mustaches as a "Temporary Cultural Movement for the Benefit of Charity." This year'…

Manuel Lima: The Book of Trees

The data visualization master’s new work gives a history and analysis of leafy diagrams

by Hans Aschim

Data is a powerful tool. Whether it’s used for education, research, policies or everyday decision-making, numbers hold power—and often a simple value doesn’t best convey their meaning. Portuguese-born and NYC-based designer, researcher and author…


by Josh Rubin

Audiopad is a MIT Media Lab project by James Patten and Ben Recht. They used a relatively common Media Lab interface that combines video projection, physical icons, and motion tracking to create a super cool music mixer. Creating music using Audiopad…

Visual Complexity

by Josh Rubin

Visual Complexity is a listing of nearly 300 different information mapping projects. Compiled by Manuel Lima, a Portuguese information designer who recently finished his MFA at Parson's School of Design in New York, each entry includes a project…


by Josh Rubin

Ben Fry is a doctoral candidate at the MIT Media Lab. His research focuses on methods of visualizing large amounts of data from dynamic information sources. ZipDecode is a very simple visualization of how US zip codes are mapped. Every zip code…


by Josh Rubin

Grokker is a search tool that organizes results in a logical, zoom-able visual interface. By visually arranging data it's great for topic searches because it displays results with contextual relevancy. Trying to explain it is kind of silly– just…

What’s Up? News Map

by Evan Orensten

Jeroen Wijering is a recent graduate of the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. One of his most recent projects is a Flash-based news map called What's Up?. New stories are highlighted on the map, and a balloon appears with a headline;…

Oil Primer: Where It Comes From, Where It Goes

Offshore drilling goes under the microscope in a smart new infographic

by Maggie York-Worth

From artist Stanford Kay, this exhaustive infographic (click here for full size) shows the sticky situations many nations face with their high dependence on oil and limited resources for getting it. Created in response to the recent BP oil spill…

Nelson Saiers’ “Shortening: Making Irrational Rational” at Alcatraz

A site-specific installation questioning the duration of prison sentences for minor non-violent offenses

by David Graver

Every detail of NYC-based artist Nelson Saiers’ current exhibition inside San Francisco’s Alcatraz (the famous prison turned National Park) carries depths of meaning. Why would an artist string up football jerseys in the numerical order of Pi inside…

Artist Femke Hiemstra

by Lost At E Minor

Femke Hiemstra's beautifully rendered and haunting images transcend those of typical neo-surrealist fairytale artists. Her mixed-media paintings and graphite drawings of anthropomorphized fruits, vegetables, toy parts, and animals reference retro…

Camouflage Zine

by Josh Rubin

Camouflage is an 'experimental' design zine distributed via download from their Web site. The 3rd issue is now out and features some pretty cool mixed media design schtuff.


by SummerSeventySix

What Tyler Brûlé did next. Well, maybe not as he's done a fair bit since selling the influential title Wallpaper* that he founded in the '90s. Monocle is, however, his much-heralded return to the magazine market he helped shape…

24Hour Magazine

by CH Contributor

by Laura Neilson As a challenge to the notion that magazines are a slow and dying format, 24Hour Magazine is an awesomely triumphant endeavor. The entire magazine was conceptualized, produced and printed—all in the span of a single…

Walton Creel: Deweaponizing The Gun

by Fiona Killackey

As mediums go, guns rarely figure into an artist's tools, but for Alabama-based Walton Creel they have become the weapon of choice for creating thought-provoking art. CH caught up with Creel to learn more about his series, "Deweaponizing…

Monocle x Drakes Scarf: Interview with Editor-In-Chief Tyler Brûlé

by Tim Yu

Monocle—the magazine that covers international affairs, global business, culture and design—teamed up with Drakes London to create a new line of Merino wool scarves for the tenth and latest product collaboration…

Illustrator Matt Duffin

by Karen Day

Trained architect Matt Duffin's sparse illustrations of symbolically loaded objects, anthropomorphic donkeys, and children's toys, are full of dark and blank spaces that make their subjects seem isolated and alone to the point of dread. Extreme…

Nanobot Music

Nano-copters work together to make music in this amazing video from TED

by Josh Rubin

Professor Vijay Kumar from GRASP, the robotics laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania, just wrapped up a fantastic TED Talk on his robotics work. Using custom-built quad rotor nano-copters, Kumar’s team demonstrated the agility, versatility…


Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Square watermelons, an auction for change, drip-free wine bottles and more

by CH Editors

1. IKEA’s Art Event 2017 Diverse, bold and colorful limited edition prints by 12 different artists will be available as part of IKEA’s Art Event 2017. The likes of Amandine Urruty, Jean Jullien, Yasuto Sasada, Steve Harrington and more have contributed…

Reebok Timetanium

by Tim Yu

John Maeda, graphic designer, computer scientist, MIT professor and author of Laws of Simplicity, teamed up with Reebok to create the Timetanium Ventilator, a sneaker that's been getting attention lately for how it merges math, technology and…

CG Tattoo Preview

by Tim Yu

Ever want to see what a tattoo would look like on your body before permanently inking yourself? Computer graphics artist Loïc Zimmerman developed a program that does just that. By scanning your body you can capture exact body proportions to…

Thumb Keyboard for the PC

by Josh Rubin

Mevael Corporation, in Japan, has developed a one thumb keyboard for text entry and mouse manipulation. The invention is based on the premise that kids in Japan are faster at text entry on their mobiles than on a QWERTY keyboard. I think it would…

The Oculas 2.0

by Josh Rubin

Isn't it great when those gorgeous concept pieces we see in cult classics like The Oculas. Updates include a motorized door, Dolby 5.1 sound delivered through Harmon Kardon speakers and fully integrated Second Life.

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