Kicking Off the Vans Vision Walk Tour of the United States

As you probably know from both our print and web coverage, we love street photography. Over the next month, Juxtapoz Magazine will be traveling around the USA for Vans Vision Walks, a series of workshops led by our favorite photographers in their home cities.

Recently, a Juxtapoz veteran, Olivia Bee, was the first to create a Vision Walk for a group of lucky photographers, Vans captured the footage in the video above. As you can see, the Vision Walks not only capture the spirit of photography, but give an insight into how a photographer approaches their city, what makes them inspired and how to take a great photograph.

The tour kicks off this weekend in New York City’s Chinatown with Jonathan Mehring. Peep the Bee video here of the inaugural Vision Walk, and join in from wherever you are! Tag those photos #OffTheWall

RSVP for your city here —>

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