The Renault XY uses sheet metal like fabric!


I have complex feelings about the Renault XY. It looks like this absolutely fluid piece of metal, almost as if the car itself was covered by a piece of cloth. While I believe it adds a remarkably different aesthetic to the car, I’m not sure if I like it yet, because it seems a little too radical to me. Give it a few years and maybe it won’t feel so ahead of its time.

The XY was built keeping the future system or ride-sharing in mind. Its design, says Jang, was made to appeal to both males and females, with a form that is fluid and gender-agnostic. The two-seater comes with a streamlined design comprising incredibly slim headlights and taillamps. Even the gold color is said to appeal equally both genders. Lastly, adding a bit of luxury to the ride is the Renault suitcase (something Rolls Royce has done in the past too), that mirrors the style of the car and comes with its own biometric lock. Like I said, give it another 5 years, and maybe the Renault XY concept will actually look incredibly dreamy. For now, it’s interesting for sure, but a little too visually futuristic.

Designer: Hawon Jang











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