10 Creative and Unusual Pencil Designs

Probably not many people still use pencils in these days. When you see creative and pencil together, you might think about the creative artwork drew by pencils instead of describe pencil as creative. But in fact, these humble stationary can be the objects of art. And actually you might never thought pencils can be that creative and unique. Enough talking, let’s enjoy below coll collections of pencil designs handpicked by our editors.

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1. Sprout plantable graphite pencils [buy on amazon]

2. Rainbow Pencils [buy on japantrendshop]

3. Sakura Pencils [buy on japantrendshop]

4. Rustic Twig Pencils Set [buy on etsy]

5. Drumstick Pencils [buy on amazon]

6. Foldable Pencils [buy on etsy]

7. Pre-Chewed Pencil [via designboom]

8. Moss Pencil [via designboom]

9. Slingshot Pencil [buy on amazon]

10. Matchstick Pencils [buy on amazon]

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Source: 10 Creative and Unusual Pencil Designs

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