Galaktika Armchair: Artistic Multi-functional Chair for Airport VIP Lounges

Submitted by Vasil Velchev, this project is called Galaktika. It is an armchair that is designed especially for airport VIP lounges or public spaces where people need to spend more time and their staying has to be comfortable. You can read Vasil’s explanation below.

This armchair has double function, it can be used either for sitting or resting. Switching between the positions is easy because of the clicking mechanism that is placed below the side handles. It is connected to the middle swinging axis and allows lock and release of the internal wooden core in upper and lower position. The rotating angle can be changed with15 degrees. Depending on your needs you can choose between one of the two positions. The upper bar (the top bent metal part) is rotatable and can be used to attach electronic devices.

Vasil Velchev says that the original aim was to produce an attractive and at the same time functional armchair for public spaces and especially airports where the furniture most common is used for rest. Design is based completely on the spherical shape. The back is made by bent metal bars that can be chrome plated or powder coated. Legs are made from steel, it have wooden spherical core part covered with leather. Internal zone have ergonomic shape and it is made from soft material covered with velvet. The overall dimensions of the product are approximately: Height – 1270 mm, Length – 1290 mm, Width – 1130 mm.

Tuvie has received “Galaktika Armchair” project from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

Source: Galaktika Armchair: Artistic Multi-functional Chair for Airport VIP Lounges

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