11 Two-Toned Clawfoot Tubs

A little fun fact, Jenna Lyons (former creative director and president for J.Crew) started the trend way back when she showed off the tub in her former Brooklyn brownstone.  Somehow she modernized the tub in one design swoop! Now the two-toned tub is a staple… I’m in.

While you’re here, I think these bath time essentials (below) will pair perfectly with any clawfoot tub!

I understand that people have strong feelings about the two-tone clawfoot tub style — some are totally into it while others, not so much. I’m trusting my gut on this as I’ve already purchased a tub (no turning back now!), but I’m curious to know what others think.

So, thoughts?? Give me a shout!

Source: 11 Two-Toned Clawfoot Tubs

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