The Fifties revisited

Today communication means interactivity, dynamism and circularity. All concepts that the architecture studio Marchetti Demaria wanted to translate into architecture, in the new Milan headquarters of the communication agency Tribe.

The first step was identifying the building they would renovate, an old factory from the 1950s in which the work areas spread out from a central space lit by a large skylight. The highly impactful character of the place was shaped most of all by the modular wooden matrices that framed and supported the dividing and sliding glass walls.

The central nave at night. (Photo Andrea Martiradonna)

The architects also chose to draw attention to these elements through a process of progressive removal of all the superfluous things that tended to obscure their visibility. Similarly, all the elements that weren’t part of the original facility were removed, while a few existing furnishing pieces were preserved. Therefore the dividing walls became light, accentuating their graphic and extremely well ordered nature, but most of all they imposed a new order on the organisation of the work space. The large central nucleus is the fulcrum of a flexible space that is now more open and connected, made uniform by the grey-blue hue of the walls that contributes to making the atmosphere as serene and calming as possible. Lamps with an informal and contemporary feel serve as a counterpoint to the retro language of the structure, contributing to and emphasising the play of reflections created by the windows.

The play of light and reflections on the dividing walls. (Photo Andrea Martiradonna)

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