These gorgeous watercolor paintings were created by Edna Carla Stradioto, an artist from Brazil. On a trip by car to the south of Brazil during holidays, Edna came across acres and acres of fields covered by tall, swaying rosae pampas grass (Cortaderia Selloana). The pink-hued grass left an indelible impression on her mind, which inturn became the inspiration behind her latest series of watercolors.

As Edna explains,

On the wind, they look like plumage and it is like a spectacular ballet from nature. When I came back home, I could not avoid the idea of paint the grass, as many ways I could possible think about them. It was a starting process that last more than four months, I am still passionate about them.

Do visit the the artist’s website to check out more beautiful watercolor paintings. You can also follow her on Instagram to stay updated.

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