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with the world’s eyes on russia this summer for the 2018 FIFA world cup , creative agency middleboop has commissioned 20 artists and designers for a unique charity initiative. the designers have printed 23 unique beer mats which represent their favorite, weird or hilarious world cup moments — ranging from david beckham’s famous red card in france in 1998, to the unrelenting and unescapable buzzing of the vuvuzelas in 2010 in south africa. ronaldo lima #9: one of the best players to ever play the game the brazilian legend had the most world cup goals in history at one point the mats will be sold to pubs around london, but are also available online. all money that middleboop makes will go to the charity football beyond borders for a ‘main office, a learning hub used for all [their] non-fbb schools programmes (holiday provisions, youth voices etc) and a safe haven for young people in london from disadvantaged backgrounds.’ rivaldo dive: one of the world cup’s most shocking moments took place in 2002 when another brazilian legend, rivaldo, put on an oscar-worthy performance when he acted as if he was hit in the face with a ball, but one was nowhere near illustrated by dan woodger the month long festival of sport brings the world together, but these mats provide the opportunity to unite and build a community, while simultaneously allowing avid football fan to reminisce some of the most iconic world cup moments. here are some of our favorites from designboom, but you can see the full collection here .

Source: world cup, charity, beer? best summer ever

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