Strawberry Watermelon Floats

i love a root beer float so why not switch up the game and do a fruit juice float! we made these with vanilla ice cream but you could 100% do a dairy free option with coconut milk ice cream that would also be delicious. these barely require a recipe because they could be made so many different ways. it’s the perfect thing to do make with a paint of very ripe berries that are about to go bad or half a watermelon that’s taking up too much room in our fridge. – joanie what you’ll need: makes 4 servings • 4 cups strawberries, stems removed • 4 cups chopped seedless watermelon • 1 bottle sparkling white grape juice or any sparkling juice, the Izze grapefruit flavor is also good with this!

Source: Strawberry Watermelon Floats

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