The Font Family That’s “Like a Tribute Album” to Grotesks

“It started as a game,” says Ale Paul, one of the founders of Argentine type studio Sudtipos, about the origins of Fixture, his massive 72-font family. The idea, at first, was to try to make a Grotesk font that is ultra-condensed and would work well for packaging design. After seeing an antique French grotesque sample with an intriguing Q in an old Czech type book, Paul started expanding from there. And he just didn’t stop: he wanted a font family that moves from thin narrowness to expanded blackness. He ended up with one with 36 fonts and 36 italics; Fixture’s main family has three widths, with three masters in each width to create different weights. The result is an expansive “workhorse” family that can be used for everything from magazine layouts to film credits, blown up on billboards or shrunken down to packaging.

Source: The Font Family That’s “Like a Tribute Album” to Grotesks

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