Phase 2, born Lonny Wood, is a writer from the Bronx and was known as a member of the Zulu Nation. Word on the street is that he’s an elusive legend, but his graffiti and graphic design works speak for themselves. This flyer in particular displays some of Phase 2’s typographic tendencies that I find particularly compelling. For example, the composition of the title with that tiny “s” gets me every time. Also, the “NYC BREAKERS” along the bottom jumbled as if they’re breaking is excellent. Even the quotation marks are dancing. Phase 2’s attention to detail is great, cutting out the back of the “D” that overlaps the “G” in “EDGE,” and the consistent tight setting of all of the caps is quite lovely when you consider he rubbed each letter on individually.

Source: Earth’s Edge flyer, Aug. 27, 1983

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