On this day – Rumours Fleetwood Mac released


“Rumours” the 11th Album by Fleetwood Mac was released on this day on February 4th 1977.

A great review in the Sydney Morning Herald by Mike Parker.

Review SMH (1977) by Mike Parker

Nothing is less of a rumour than the current success of Fleetwood Mac in America and here, though strangely not in England.

Tasteful is one of those words much-used words which should be used with reservation. It applies unreservedly here. It would be an injustice to describe the album as anything less than a superlative performance. In all aspects, Rumours is one album, as was Go Your Own Way, the single than can stand repeated consecutive playing without becoming tiresome or showing flaws. The melodies are infectious and propitious, the lyrics simple but emotive.

Instrumentally, the band is tidy and inventive, with Lindsay Buckingham’s guitar providing just enough interest in the breaks to add flesh to the tunes. Harmonies are faultless, with Christine’s voice one of the smoothest and most provocative in rock.

This album, unlike their last, won’t lie on the shelves for months waiting to be discovered.

Fri, Feb 25, 1977 – Page 7 · The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia) · Newspapers.com


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