10 Cool Art Deco Hotels in Sydney

Robin Hood Hotel

Art deco is a style of decorative design used during the late 1920s and 1930s, based on long, thin forms and straight lines, expressive of modern technology.

What is art deco?

It is a wonderful decorative style of design and decoration that takes its name from the Exposition des Artes Decoratifs et Industriel Modernes, held in Paris in 1925. The French abbreviated the unwieldy title of the exhibition to ‘Les Arts Decos’.

Although many design styles were displayed in the exhibition, one prevailed. It featured graceful, stylised nudes, leafy branches, spirals, lightning flashes and fluttering doves in ovals and octagons of bronze, glass, iron and ceramics think a perfect setting for a Fred Astaire dance number. The new style became a symbol of elegance in the 1930’s.

The following are 10 pubs in Sydney that have been completed in the art deco style;

1. The Albury Hotel – Oxford St, Sydney

2. Charing Cross Hotel – Waverley

3. Civic Hotel, Pitt Street, Sydney

Civic Hotel Pitt Street Sydney

4. Old Clare Hotel, Broadway Sydney

Old Clare Hotel, Broadway Chippendale

5. Golden Barley Hotel, Edgeware Rd, Enmore

Golden Barley Hotel, Edgeware Rd

6. Light Brigade Hotel

Light Brigade Hotel

7. Robin Hood Hotel

Robin Hood Hotel

8. North Annandale Hotel

North Annandale Hotel

9. Unicorn Hotel

Unicorn Hotel

10. Australian Hotel

Australian Hotel

Art deco buildings emphasise movement an architectural technique that forces the viewers eye up and sideways. An impetus for momentum that is useful when I am on a pub crawl.

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