Mondrian Minimalist De Stijl Bath Curtain with Hooks

Mondrian Minimalist De Stijl Modern Art Polyester Waterproof Fabric Bath Curtain with Hooks

Mondrian, Almost automatically, the name of the Dutch painter who became one of the most influential figures in Twentieth Century art evokes a certain vision. One pictures austere but brilliant abstractions in which rectangular areas of red, blue, yellow, white and gray are marked off from each other by thin, straight lines in irregular grid arrangements.

Yet Piet Mondrian who was born in Amersfoort in the Netherlands in 1872 and died in New York in 1944, only arrived at his mature style in the World War 1 era after a series of dramatic stylistic transformations.

Decorate your bathroom colourfully and beautifully.

  • 100% High-Quality Polyester Fiber (polyester)
  • 72 x 72 inches (180 cm x 180 cm). Includes 10-12 pieces plastic hooks, easy to hang.
  • Vibrant Colors, Clear Image, No Fading, No Dyes Harming Health Of Your Family
  • Good Waterproof, Not Transparent, With Hanging Rings Inside
  • Can be customized shower curtain size as your need, If you like, You can contact us first

from $28.49

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