Funky Retro Radio Model Vintage Tissue Box Dispenser

The tissue box dispenser is made of high-quality tactile PP and ABS. The retro radio-shaped sanitary napkin storage box is well-made, and the retro radio design adds a modern artistic touch to your room.

Retro vintage tissue box cover holder box with space for one box of tissues or storage of other small items, pull out the bottom cover, put it in a paper towel, and then close the cover to use.

Simple and modern design decor accessories are a great present for homecomings, Anniversary, birthday presents, Christmas, and other gift-giving occasions!


Benefits of using our tissue box dispenser

  • Hand tissue dispensers are easy for loading tissues, and it can be easily maintained.
  • It is hygienic and quick to use
  • Keeps tissues dry and protects tissues from contamination
  • It can prevent the spread of germs
  • Hand tissue dispensers can function without any power

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