Beginning with the exhibition Posturing: Photographing the Body in Fashion, the duo later commissioned Coco Capitán to respond to the theme resulting in the film Filming the Body in Fashion, now finally landing on the release of this book: Posturing: Writing the Body in Fashion.Featuring the work of Charlie Engman, Estelle Hanania and Joyce Ng (among many others), the publication features photographs which – instead of positioning the body in the optimum angle to make the garment desirable – turn human figures into sculptures, in a celebration of aesthetic oddness.

Split into two, Posturing: Writing the Body in Fashion, contains a host of interviews with photographers, stylists, set designers and commissioning editors. “This project was an incredible opportunity to talk at length with a group of photographers and those they collaborate with,” Holly remarks, “I am so familiar with this work but this was a chance to really learn about their process.” As opposed to a magazine, where images are presented standalone, often without context or background information, Posturing provides real insight. “Isolating images from their stories and presenting them, firstly printed and framed in an exhibition, and then on their own page of a book, really highlights the visual clues in these pictures,” she continues.

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