The illustrator who draws on cats

It’s an adventure into the secret worlds of our feline friends.

Source: The illustrator who draws on cats

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Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats: with illustrations

by Rebecca Ashdown (Faber Children’s Classics)

To celebrate Old Possum’s 75th anniversary we have commissioned lively new illustrations from Rebecca Ashdown for T.S. Eliot’s original book of Practical Cats. Featuring Macavity, the Mystery Cat; Mr Mistofelees, the Original Conjuring Cat; Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer and all the gang, this is a must for every child’s bookshelf and is a great companion to the Andrew Lloyd Webber stage show.

Cats Galore: A Compendium of Cultured Cats – Encyclopedia of Design

Includes an array of cat characters take the starring roles in a variety of instantly recognizable settings. This compilation features feline re-imaginings of scenes from art, theatre, opera, ballet and films. Cats Galore: A Compendium of Cultured Cats [Herbert, Susan] on *FREE* shipping on eligible orders.

Turn your cat into a dessert – Encyclopedia of Design

How would you like to turn your cat into an appetising custard tart? I was about to write a post on ‘the nature of existence’, however, I got distracted. The Fruit Tart Nyanko cushion is made up of little cloth biscuits and filled with small cushions.

Cat Videos a Path to Happiness – Encyclopedia of Design

No member of the animal kingdom has garnered internet fame like the humble domestic cat. I always think if you’re going to procrastinate then do it with mindfulness and intention. Internet Cat Videos have always been one of my favourite ways to procrastinate. New research indicates that Videos can provide significant health benefits.

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