These egg-inspired earbuds were designed to be discreet

When was the last time you looked at earbuds and thought โ€œcuteโ€? When I saw Sevy, it instantly made me connect to the organic form and reminded me of that perfect, record-breaking, Instagram-famous egg. Designed as a concept of truly wireless earbuds, Sevy connects with you through its inherently warm aesthetics and easy user experience. โ€œI was trying to create something which is fun to use and simple in nature.

Source: These egg-inspired earbuds were designed to be discreet, fit all sizes and replace your fidget spinner!

SEVY: Aesthetic Earbuds and Egg-like Case – bhibu

We present to you the perfect concept and personal project of an industrial designer who convinced us that technical things can have a close connection with nature in design. SEVY, wireless in-ear headphones from Sathiswaran Pon is a product that pushes the boundaries of classically boring headphones to extraordinary and originality.

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