Vernacular Typography – Motel Signs

Motel signs are one of my favourite examples of vernacular typography. They form that familiar symbol of shelter on the American roadtrip.

MOTEL Lockview Motel Sign Driftwood Motel Sign Motel Signs Motel Delta motel Southland Motel sign - Lebanon, Tennessee Motel Motel Yuma Cabana Motel Motel Roy's Stag Motel Living on Tulsa Time Starlite Motel When the Fever Runs Dry Olsson Motel Hey Buckaroo Swallow Sunset Cabana Inn Buckhorn Baths Motel _62A7529 _Q9A3887 _62A7599 _62A7536 _62A7459 _62A7604 _62A7547 Blue Swallow Motel Hi-Lo Motel Thunderbird Motel Sign It Was Everything He Ever Knew Motel Blues

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