Greeking – No it is not the latest Sexual Fad

Greeting Image
An example of Greeking
Although it sounds like it ‘Greeking’ is not some weird sexual practice practised by the ancients.  ‘Greeking’ is a technique that originated in advertising where the potential ad copy or text for a new ad being developed is represented by non-words so that the viewer can focus on the overall design rather than getting caught up in the actual details of the text.

Approximates text

Text that is provided in Greek or Latin is unlikely to be readable by English speakers and therefore the content will not detract from the design.  It provides the client with a general idea of what the final page will look like.  It approximates text with random letters that are clumped into words.

Safeguarded content

Newspapers editors were able to safeguard Layout texts. The advertisement copy was kept secret until it was ready to be published.
The most common text in this vane is Lorem Ipsum the nonsense text, which has no meaning but helps in displaying the layout appropriately.  Ironically Lorem Ipsum is Latin and not Greek.
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