Bølgen Bath and Leisure Centre by White Arkitekter perches above a fjord

Bølgen Bath and Leisure Centre by White Arkitekter perches above a fjord

Swedish architecture studio White Arkitekter has refurbished a gym and built a new swimming pool building for Bølgen Bath and Leisure Centre in Drøbak, Norway. Bølgen Bath and Leisure Centre now has its own lap pool, diving pool, children’s pool, water slide, therapy pool and baths, as well as a sauna and spa.

More Urban Design Projects from White Architects

Climate Innovation District in Leeds shortlisted for Housing Design Award – White Arkitekter

White Arkitekter has been shortlisted for one of the most prestigious awards in the UK, the Housing Design Awards, for our project Climate Innovation District in Leeds. The highly regarded cross-industry awards aim to drive quality in the whole process of housing delivery.

Nobelberget in Sickla, Sweden | White Arkitekter

This part of the city is developing from an office- and industry area to a pleasant neighbourhood with plenty of room for restaurants, preschools and venues for various functions. On the block closest to Atlasrondellen the detail plan gives an opportunity to accommodate a university. Sicklastråket tie Nobelberget to Hammarby Sjöstad and Sickla Köpkvarter.

Södra Skanstull masterplan | White Arkitekter

The masterplan builds on Södra Skanstull’s identity by mapping, upgrading and enhancing existing facilities. The new district provides: 65,000sqm for culture, sports and offices, 22,000sqm for commercial use, as well as 750 new apartments. By reappraising the spaces between the dominating transport infrastructure, these underused portions of the city can be given a new lease of life.

White Rock Park & Bohemia Masterplan – White Arkitekter

Strategies for development Build on what you’ve got­ Relatively dense and urban in parts, a new neighbourhood can help define the park edges. The development will prioritise greenery and freedom of movement, retaining the scale of open space that makes White Rock special.

Kiruna masterplan | White Arkitekter

Places for meeting, eating, leisure and culture; these important spaces that form the basis of civic life were previously non-existent. Viktoria Walldin, Head of Social Anthropology The citizens of Kiruna take a prominent role in the masterplan strategy. This period of transformation has evoked feelings of both anticipation and anxiety for the people of Kiruna.

Messingen High School & Civic Centre – White Arkitekter

Pupils and staff from several schools were interviewed to understand what factors contribute towards a successful educational environment. The student response was that they wanted a safe, open meeting place full of social activities where the outside world was made visible – and vice versa. When asking the question; what makes a school attractive?

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