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I have been using theย Breathing Zone application for several years.ย  What I particularly like about this application is that is simple, simple to use, simple to set up.

I have been meditating for about 25 years and in my opinion, it is one of the best meditation aids in order to quickly create a state of relaxation.ย  The interface has recently been updated making it even easier to use.

The animated breathing guideย gently slows the pace of your breathing.ย  If you are a visual person you can just set up your iPhone on a stand or run it through Apple TV.ย  The graphics pulses rhythmicallyย allowing one to follow and match their breathing to the animation.

Or if you prefer you can close your eyes and follow with a guiding voice.ย  The set-up allows you to choose a male or female voice and the choice of 6 guiding sounds.ย  One is not overwhelmed by choice.ย  I go with Indian Bansuri sound as it is unobtrusive as it appeals to my inner mystic

New Interface

Multicoloured concentric circle pulse at the desired breathing rate.

Breathing zone application
Breathing Zone application main interface screenshot

Measures and Records

If you like to record your meditation activity, it adds your data to the Health app on your iPhone.

Breathing Zone application
Breathing Zone application countdown interface

Guided Sound

Listen to one of 6 guided sounds or if you prefer turn if off or let your phone vibrate as a pacing tool for your breathing.

Breathing Zone application
Breathing Zone application Guide Sound interface

Easy to Use

Setting up is easy and once you have finished it is simple as sitting back and listening and following.

Breathing Zone application
Breathing Zone application settings interface

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