Junya Ishigami’s sculpts poetic landscape

junya ishigami sculpts poetic ‘water garden’ at art biotop

titled ‘art biotop water garden’, junya ishigami’s earthwork landscape is nestled among the foothills of japan’s nasu mountains. the sprawling environment, which designboom exclusively previewed with ishigami at his studio , is generated with the aim of obscuring the boundary between architecture, landscape architecture, art, and environmentalism.

Junya Ishigami Keynote: My Work I – Sherman Centre for Culture and Ideas – Google Arts & Culture

Junya Ishigami is a Japanese Architect and founder of Tokyo-based firm junya.ishigami+associates. Born in Tokyo in 1975, Ishigami studied at the Musashi Institute of Technology and Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Before founding his own firm, he worked alongside Kazuyo Sejima + Associates from 2000-2004.

Junya Ishigami: ‘I want to make the sky’

Imagine a world where buildings don’t exist. A place with no rustic cottages nor gleaming skyscrapers, no classicism nor modernism, no preconceived idea of what a house or an office block should be. How would we make spaces from scratch if anything was possible?

Meditation on a roof: Junya Ishigami completes slate-topped Serpentine Pavilion

The 2019 edition of the annual Serpentine Pavilion comission in London’s Kensington Gardens has been completed. Designed by Japanese architect and artist Junya Ishigami, the pavilion comprises a large, sweeping roof form tiled with shards of dark slate. The roof rests on a thicket of slender poles.

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