The Seinfeld Collectors Box – No hugging, no learning

Remember, the guiding principle of “Seinfeld” was “no hugging. no learning,” and for viewers, there was something liberating in that. This Seinfeld Collectors box is the perfect gift and those that receive it will never have to endure sanctimonious finger-pointing, hollow lectures or contrived conversions. Like the TV Show, it is about one thing; fun.

Some critics through the years took shots at “Seinfeld” for being what they called irresponsibly amoral. Perhaps. But the value of this show was that it made us laugh, often and loudly. That is something big right there. And as George would say, they never signed on to achieve world peace.

As Seinfeld once said, on paper, these people don’t look so good. They are relentless, shallow, petty, obsessive, neurotic, conniving, spineless, inconsequential, selfish, petulant, faithless, infantile, superficial, thoughtless, incorrigible, morally impoverished and, when faced with simple decency, they always make the wrong choice.

  • The Kramer Painting blanket,
  • The Fusilli Jerry vinyl figure,
  • The Puffy Shirt enamel pin,
  • Classic Seinfeld moments postcards,
  • The Human Fund mug

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