Lino Sabattini Boule Teapot 1950
Lino Sabattini Boule Teapot 1950

Sabbatini worked as a silversmith from a very early age. He learned metalworking techniques and became interested in shapes derived from natural materials. W. Wolff in Germany commissioned him to design the 1950 Boule Teapot. He moved to Milan in 1955 and met Gio Ponti, who mentored him and included him in an exhibition organised the following year. This enabled Sabbatini to receive international recognition for his work.

In the late 50s and early 60s he was active in Milan and as director of design at Christofle Orfèvrerie in Paris.

His forms were free-flowing, sculptural and straightforward, as in his 1960 tea service Como produced by Christofle 1960-1970. He designed ceramics, glassware, and metalwork for Rosenthal, Nava and Zani & Zani.

In 1964, he established his own factory Argenteria Sabattini, Bregnano, near Como. He executed the 1976 Saucière Estro sauce bowl. Also produced by his firm were his 1986 Insect Legs silver and black titanium tableware and flatware, and 1987 Connato silver-plated brass-alloy vase.

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