Fatinha Ramos Portuguese Illustrator living in Antwerp.

I was noticed Fatinha Ramos’s illustration of a woman doing a yoga pose. I was reading Scientific American article on How Yoga May Bolster the Brain Regions Most Affected by Aging. I really love her illustrations.

About Fatinha

Fatinha Ramos is an award-winning Antwerp-based illustrator and visual artist originally from Portugal. Her illustrations have travelled the world.

Source: About – Fatinha Illustration


Fatinha has received international press coverage. She has been mentioned in The New York Times book review and appeared on national tv in Portugal and Belgium.

Source: Press – Fatinha Illustration


Buy Fatinhaโ€™s unique illustrations to decorate your home or give as a present. Visit the shop for artwork, books and limited editions works.

Source: Shop – Fatinha Illustration

A Sample of her work from Instagram

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