Photographer Fumi Nagasaka’s affectionate take on a family portrait

โ€œAbout three years ago, I met Sasha at a Starbucks in Brighton Beach while I was working for a location scout,โ€ Fumi tells Itโ€™s Nice That. โ€œHe was 16 and I wanted to photograph him for my book Untitled Youth, which was published in 2016.โ€ However, after visiting the teen at his Russian family home to get an approval from his parents, the eccentric characters she met inspired her to set up a family shoot.

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Born in Nagoya, Japan, Fumi Nagasaka moved to New York in 2002 to explore North American culture. In 2003 she began working as a freelance photographer for the Japanese cult magazine Street, and later, traveled around Europe and US shooting documentary photographs.

Fumi Nagasaka: When Japan is neither in nor out of the picture

Basketball, hotel management and working in a California skateboard store may not sound like the ideal route to a career in fashion photography. For Fumi Nagasaka, however, each step along that offbeat, and oftentimes bumpy, path has proven to be influential and key to opening up doors into the world of images.

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