14 Stunning New Season Fabrics at Marimekko

Marimekko - Suvi cotton fabric

Marimekko ‘s versatile range of fabrics is continually updated: old classics are turned into modern interpretations and brand new innovations are frequently applied to favourite patterns. Keep an eye on this category to see new designs โ€“ maybe your favourite print will soon be available by the metre!

1. Pieni Hyhmรค heavyweight cotton fabric 10m

2. Pieni Unikko cotton fabric

3. Unikko heavyweight cotton sateen 10m

4. Louhi heavyweight cotton fabric 10m

5. Hyhmรค 10M heavyweight cotton fabric

6. Kรคpykukka cotton-linen fabric 10m

7. Kaivo Cotton cotton fabric

8. Floristi panama fabric 10m

9. Letto linen fabric


10. Suvi cotton fabric

11. Kivet cotton linen 10m

12. Letto cotton fabric 10m


13. Ketunmarja cotton fabric 10m

14. Mini Unikko cotton fabric

Newest Marimekko fabrics – Shop online – Marimekko

Old classics are made into new interpretations and completely new innovations join favorite patterns regularly. Explore the collection & shop online!

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