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Marsotto Milan Showroom

Nendo is a Japanese design company founded by Sato Oki in 2002 that works globally on design projects. In Tokyo, the first office was built. The second office was opened in Milan in 2005. Over the course of 18 years of establishment, the business works with different brands and has received numerous awards. With subtle influences from Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, Nendo is recognised for its simple and minimalist style.

Recent works

Marsotto Milan Showroom

A showroom in Milan’s Brera district for the marble manufacturer Marsotto. Replete with ground and basement levels, it exhibits marble furniture, sundries, and samples of processed materials. In the entrance space on the first floor, a mesh-like partition made of marble covers the stair case in front.


sketch / imageDOWNLOAD An outdoor lighting collection designed for the Italian lighting brand Flos.With a combination of a thin frame and an illuminated sphere, the collection offers two configurations of objects;either as side tables or as floor lamps leaned against a wall.There are two types of tables; square and rectangular.


A modular object combining light fixtures with functional tabletops, designed for Italian lighting brand Flos.The object


Out of concern for the environment, many restaurants have done away with disposable straws and plastic cups, and the use of paper cups, paper straws, and reusable metal straws is on the rise.

Hilltop Hotel Patisserie

The Hilltop Hotel opened in Ochanomizu, Tokyo, one year after its renovation from the barracks the US Armed Forces returned in 1953.Having only thirty-five guest rooms in fact enables a degree of uniquely diligent service that many have come to know and savor.The hotel is widely known for having lodged prominent literary figures such as Yasunari Kawabata and Yukio Mishima.It was decided that Hilltop Hotel’s original confectioneries would be repackaged in tandem with its reopen after remodeling, and rather than having separate package designs for each product, all confectioneries would be packaged under the loose motif of a writer’s study.


Interior design for Athletia, a new skincare brand launched by the cosmetic company e’quipe of RMK and SUQQU fame.The new brand’s concept is to support a balanced lifestyle of active and vigorous movement as well as quiet, mind-body serenity.

roll-up ecobag

A stick-shaped reusable bag designed for Lawson, a leading convenience store chain active in reducing plastic waste. The bag was required to be as compact and easy-to-access as possible, assuming it being carried in another bag or in a pocket based on the unique purchase behavior of convenience store customers, who stop by on the way to somewhere to buy a few items rather than a basketful of groceries.


A chair that holds the cushion in place by sliding it in between the arms and the extended legs, like a paper clip.The m


Side tables with a section of the cuboid frame cut out.Fitting a sheet glass into the grooves cut in the wooden frame no

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