Carlo Guiliano Italian Goldsmith and Jeweller

Carlo Guiliano was an Italian jeweller and goldsmith who was born in Naples and worked in London. In 1860, Guiliano settled in London and worked for Harry Emanuel. He collaborated with Castellani Italian Jewellers on at least one piece of jewellery. In the archaeological or Etruscan style, he was a talented jeweller. He developed his distinctive style, which was copied a lot in the 1880s and 1890s. The Italian-born Pasquale Novissimo, Guiliano’s assistant, created such delicate enamel decoration on Guillano ‘s pieces that they were difficult to copy.

The jewellery manufacturing company and goldsmithy of Guiliano were situated at 13 Frith Street in 1861 and at 155 Piccadilly in 1875, where he lived until his retirement. Frederico and Ferdinando Giuliano possibly brothers to Carlo opened their own jewellery workshop in 1882 at 24 Howland Street, moving to 47 Howland Street in 1886-1887.  By the beginning of the First World War, the business had closed.

Pendant brooch in the the form of Gothic Cross

A sapphire fringe necklace attributed to Carlo Guilano

A pair of Victorian Carlo Guilano 18K Gold Amethyst Diamond Cuff Brcelets

Earrings and Brooches by Carlo Giuliano

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