Kurt Versen was a Swedish consultant, lighting designer, and manufacturer professionally active in the USA. He studied in Germany.

Rare 1930s Kurt Versen Machine Age Table Lamp in Polished Aluminium

He settled in 1930 in the USA, where he produced lighting for stores, offices, and public buildings, including an early version of indirect lighting for the 1931 Philadelphia Saving Fund Society building, on which Lescaze and Howe were architects and a commission at the 1939 ‘New York World’s Fair. In the 1940s and 1950s, executed many assignments from architects for flexible lighting appropriate to Modern interiors. His swivel floor lamp of c1946 could be used for—direct or indirect lighting.

Kurt Versen Table Lamp

His lamps were shown at 1951 ‘Good Design’ exhibition, New York Museum of Modern Art.


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