A Chair Inspired by French Ruelle

Source: A Chair Inspired by French Ruelle

In French La Ruelle means little street – a tiny enclave of intimacy, friendliness and marketplace variety.

Ruelle – www.infinitidesign.it

Ruelle comes from the foorth Infiniti Design Contest, as a review of the typical chairs outside the bistros in the French village’s small streets (so called “Ruelles”, indeed), with a clean design and a large backrest. Its structure is made of aluminum, while the sinuous backrest is made of oak plywood.

chair Archives – Encyclopedia of Design

Norway-based brand KAOS , known for their Scandinavian designs and affordable prices, is gearing up to launch their latest product, the Klapp designed in collaboration with product designer Ole Petter Wullum. Available in solid oak and oak veneer in three colourways, this high chair folds up into a slim profile for easy storage and features step ladders that allow kids to climb up and down themselves.

“Sitzmaschine” reclining armchair, model no. 670, Josef Hoffmann – Encyclopedia of Design

Note the chair frame: to form a continuous pillar, single pieces of beech wood have been carefully manipulated. This recliner, originally intended for patients in a nursing home, can be easily modified by sliding a rod between the circular knobs on the chair’s back arms. Josef Hoffmann designed a chair that allows visibility of both its construction and work.

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