Jasper Morrison British Designer quirky, understated furniture

Jasper Morrison is a British designer, and he was born and active in London.


Between 1979-82 he studied at the Kingston School of Art and Design. Between 1982-85, Royal College of Art, London. 


Morrison produced quirky, satiric, understated furniture. His 1986 South Kensington flat was widely published in design magazines. He designed 1988 Door handles I and II, and a 1989 range of aluminium handles produced by FSB in Germany. 

He was a founding member of the NATO (Narrative Architecture Today) group of architects in London. Clients included Sheridan Coakley, Vitra, SCP, and Aram Designs. 


Mostly in small-batch production, his design work included;

  • 1981 Handlebar Table
  • 1983 Flower-Pot Table produced by Cappellini
  • 1984 Office System,¬†
  • 1987 Hat Stand by Aram Designs¬†
  • 1984 Wingnut Chair, 1982 stools by SCP¬†
  • 1984 side table by SCP¬†
  • 1986 console table by SCP¬†
  • 1985 A Rug of Many Blossoms¬†
  • 1985 Rise Table, 1986 dining chair¬†
  • 1986 Thinking Man’s Chair by Cappellini¬†
  • 1988 Chair 3 by Cappellini¬†
  • 1984 Ribbed Table by Aram Designs¬†
  • 1985 Wingnut chair¬†
  • 1987 One-Legged Table by Cappellini¬†
  • 1987 chaise longue¬†
  • 1987 day bed by Cappellini¬†
  • 1988 sofa by SCP¬†
  • 1988 plywood desk by Galerie¬†
  • Neotu benches for the 1989 Frankfurt Art Fair¬†
  • 1988 3 Green Bottles that Could also Be Clear¬†
  • 1988-plywood chair by Vitra, three carpets in 1988¬†
  • 1989 low plywood table¬†
  • 1989 Panton Project for Vitra
  • 1995 Lima Chair
  • 1993 Bottle Storage Module
  • 2000 Luxmaster F Floorlamp
  • 2006 Super Normal 2006,¬†Super Normal, curated by Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa at Axis Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2015,¬†Thingness¬†at¬†Grand-Hornu, Boussu, Belgium

Jasper Morrison. Bottle Storage Module. 1993 | MoMA

Injection-molded polypropylene and anodized aluminum

Jasper Morrison. Luxmaster F Floorlamp. 2000 | MoMA

Jasper Morrison. Luxmaster F Floorlamp. 2000. Flos S.p.A. Stainless steel, polycarbonate, aluminum and electrical cord. 72 7/8 x 11 1/2 x 9″ (185.1 x 29.2 x 22.9 cm). Gift of the manufacturer. 452.2006. ¬© 2021 Flos S.p.A. Architecture and Design

Jasper Morrison. Lima Chair. 1995 | MoMA

Anodized aluminum and polypropylene plastic

Awards and Recognition

In 1984, he won a Berlin scholarship. His work was included in the;

  • 1986 exhibition at the Shiseido department store in Tokyo 
  • 1986 ‘British Design’. exhibition in Vienna 
  • 1986 ‘English Eccentrics’ exhibition at Galerie Neotu in Paris 
  • 1987 ‘Documenta 8’ (Reuters News-Centre) in Kassel 
  • 1988 ‘Documenta 9’ in Berlin 
  • 1987 exhibition at Parco department store in Tokyo. 

In 1988, one-person exhibitions were mounted at the;

  • Galerie Pentagon in Cologne 
  • Galerie Prodomo 1988 ‘Some new items for the house’ exhibition at the DAAD gallery in Berlin. 
  • His Thinking Man’s Chair was shown at the 1988 Salone del Mobile in Milan. 
  • His 1989 ‘A world slide show’ exhibition was shown at the Leiptien 3 gallery in Frankfurt 
  • 1989 ‘Some new items for the house, Part II’ for Vitra at the Facsimile gallery in Milan 
  • 1989 one-person exhibition at Galerie Neotu in Paris 
  • Work for Sheridan Coakley was shown at the Salone del Mobile in Milan from 1986 and 1989 International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York. 
  • With Matthew Hilton’s work, Morrison’s was included in a 1987 exhibition in Tokyo. 

Interview with Jasper Morrison


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