Helen Abson Australian Architect and Fabric Designer

Helen Abson, who trained as an architect, is an Australian designer. She pursued architecture for five years; founded ZAB Design where she designed fabrics that exhibited a preoccupation for texture achieved through pattern and colour.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Zab ‘s bold, vibrant textiles offered an inexpensive alternative to the iconic Finnish products of Marimekko and Zab prospered, exporting to the United States and attracting international press coverage.

 The Australian Women’s Weekly (1933 – 1982)  Wed 28 Jul 1982 

Grant Featherston Australian Designer – Encyclopedia of Design

Grant Stanley Featherston (October 17, 1922-October 9, 1995) was an Australian furniture designer whose chairs in the 1950s became the symbols of the Atomic Era. Grant and Mary Featherston He was born in Geelong, Victoria. In 1965, he married Mary Bronwyn Currey, an English-born interior designer, and the pair worked closely as interior designers for many decades.

Australian Fabric Designer – John Rodriquez – Encyclopedia of Design

John Rodriquez became well known for his textile designs in the early 1950’s. He introduced a unique Australian Style. His abstract textile designs included everyday household items tea towels and curtains. The materials were sunburnt Australian shades, “deep and muted, sometimes almost three dimensional”. Greys, yellows and greens were the prevailing shades.

The Chevron pattern – a Popular motif for Designers

The chevron, which can be seen on pottery and petrographs all over the ancient globe, is one of the oldest symbols in human history, with V-shaped markings dating back to the Neolithic age (6th to 5th millennia BC) as part of the Vinca symbols catalogue.

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