Patrizia Ranzo Italian architect and designer

Patrizia Ranzo is an Italian architect and designer. She was born and active in Naples.


She studied architecture in Naples to 1981. 


Her work in design began in 1975; from 1983, she collaborated on projects with the architecture department at the University of Naples. She has also been involved in research into planning, and has written many papers on the subject.

Notturno (Nocturnal) 1989 inlaid wood and metal bedside table by Patrizia Ranzo
Notturno (Nocturnal) 1989 inlaid wood and metal bedside table by Patrizia Ranzo

Most of her design and architecture work was done with architect Sergio Cappelli. With Cappelli, she designed the widely published Agave table. She was a contributing writer to Architettura e tecnologia appropriata (1985); co-author with V. Gangemi of Il governo del progetto (1986), and The Mediterranean sensitivity as a cultural perspective (1986). 

'Agave' table, steel structure and gray volcanic stone or white marble plane.
‘Agave’ table, steel structure and gray volcanic stone or white marble plane.


Since 1981 Patrizia Ranzo has participated in many exhibitions both in Italy and abroad, and has received many awards.

1986 Naturalist Home Exhibition

The exhibition is a house of a collector of shapes and images bearing a strong Mediterranean characterisation. The ensemble of collection pieces (a table, a chaise-lounge, some shelves and some trophy-like mirrors) suggests the image of a home interior where the natural world and fragments of Mediterranean culture change into the matter and subject of design.

The 'Naturalist Home" Sketch by Patrizia Ranzo
The ‘Naturalist Home” Sketch by Patrizia Ranzo

Other exhibitions;

  • She participated in the ‘The city as a theatre’ with A. Branzi, A. Rossi, L. Thermes, F. Purini, B. Gravagnuolo, and Sergio Cappelli at the 1981 Napoli Centro Zen, 
  • the 1982 Paris Biennale, ‘Unforeseen consequences: art, fashion, design.’ 
  • at the 1985 Prato and Florence exhibitions, ‘South wave’ at the 1985 Bari exhibition, 
  • ‘The wonder wardrobe’ at the 1985 Salone del Mobile Italiano, 
  • 1986 ‘New trends in design: the neo-naturalism,’ and
  • 1986 Seibu exhibition in Tokyo and Osaka (winning first prize for Italian design). 
  • The Agave table won the 1987 Compasso d’Oro. 
  • She won the 1981 (interiors) and 1983 (design and architecture) awards of Women in Design International competition in California. 


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