Artifort Dutch furniture manufacturer

Artifort is a Dutch furniture manufacturer it is located in Maastricht. 


Artifort used freelance designers, including Kho Liang Le and Pierre Paulin. It produced chairs, settees, and tables. It first used plastics in Paulin’s 1965 Chair 582 in tensioned rubber and latex foam and his 1965-66 Armchair 303 in polyester fibreglass. It produced Paulin’s 1953 Chair 157 in polyester, ABS, and elastomers and 1967 F577 chair. 

Pierre Paulin Ribbon Chair model 582, designed 1965, this model 1972 for Artifort
Pierre Paulin Ribbon Chair model 582, designed 1965, this model 1972 for Artifort

In the mid-1960s, Paulin designed a succession of sculptural furniture forms composed of a tubular-steel structure covered in foam and upholstered in elasticised fabric. His ribbon-like 1965 Chair 582, produced by Artifort, was widely published. From 1962, British designer Geoffrey Harcourt designed seating for Artifort, which had more than 20 models of his designs, including the 1971 Armchair 976 in polyester fibreglass. Gijs Bakker became one of its freelance designers in 1979. 

F978 Lounge Chairs by Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort (1968)
F978 Lounge Chairs by Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort (1968)

Artifort Launches Figura Sofa and Balance Tables with Khodi Feiz

Khodi Feiz’s recent collaboration with Artifort is an example of their current products; it includes a modular sofa collection and a series of small tables.

The Figura modular sofa collection is composed of flexible elements that seamlessly combine offering endless configurations—whether you want a simple sofa and chair or a large sectional.

“With Figura we have managed to bring the traditional sofa into the 21st century, allowing modern technology and craftsmanship to merge together creating a soft and fluid design that is both comfortable to sink into and elegant to look at, hopefully for generations to come,” Khodi says of the new design.

The modular elements are not the only pieces of this collection that allow for customization. You can opt for high-arms, low-arms or no arms, attached shelves, electrical outlet access, and even the option of two seating heights. PLUS, Artifort always has a great selection of fabric and leathers as well as powder-coated options for the aluminum feet. Go crazy!

Also new to Artifort are these Balance Mini Tables, which make for creating fun groupings, or you could simply use them individually—they’re perfect for small spaces. The tables are offered in four heights and four color combos.


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