Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel unveils a new social housing complex for Milan

antonio citterio patricia viel unveils a new social housing complex for milan

a social housing project that fosters a sense of community and offers a wealth of facilities outside the city center. that’s what antonio citterio patricia viel (ACPV) achieves with ‘cascina merlata lot R7/2’ in milan, italy. located in the cascina merlata district of northwestern milan, this latest development forms part of a greater masterplan conceived by ACPV in 2011.

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Antonio Citterio is a leading Italian architect and interior designer, furniture and industrial designer. Citterio explored the possibilities of new materials and technologies rather than aligning himself with New Design’s more fashionable aesthetics. Citterio has designed for several leading manufacturers, including B&B Italia, Kartell, Flos and Vitra, and its work and outlook is well known internationally.

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