Hiroshi Yamano – Japanese Glass Designer.

Hiroshi Yamano "Scene Of Japan" #53, 2017 Glass
Hiroshi Yamano “Scene Of Japan” #53, 2017 Glass

Kiroshi Yamano is a Japanese Glass Designer.


He studied at the Tokyo Glass Crafts Institute to 1984 and Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, to 1989. 


Yamano was attracted to the medium after seeing a display of Scandinavian glass in Kyoto. Yamano spent some time travelling around Europe before starting to study glass in depth. He then went on to study at prestigious schools in the United States and Japan, ultimately receiving a master’s degree in fine arts from Rochester Institute of Technology. 

Though he has won numerous awards, one of the most notable was 

In 1988, Yamano was an assistant at Penland School, Penland, North Carolina.

Hiroshi Yamano's From East to West "Scene of Japan"
Hiroshi Yamano’s From East to West “Scene of Japan”

Yamano was an instructor at Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington, five times between 1991 and 2005, along with several other international organisations. 

He was a lecturer at the Tacoma Glass Museum in 2006. 

To Yamano, the glass vessel could be both sculptural and beautiful and functional. It also tends to incorporate both the inside and the outside of the piece. Usually he finds a way to incorporate fish into his glassworks and creates pieces with a great dynamic force for years to come. However, many of his newer pieces are more elegant spherical shapes with a fish drawer over or near them, reflecting both innovation and tradition.


Work was subject of an exhibition at 1990 Grohe Glass Gallery, Boston; 

included in 1986 ‘Japan Modern Decorative Art,’ Tokyo; 

1986 ‘New . Glass from Japan and America,’ Switzerland; 

1987 and 1990 ‘Glass in Japan,’ Tokyo; 1991 (V) Triennale of the Japan Glass Art Crafts Association, Heller Gallery, New York. 

Received 1989 fellowship of Creative Glass Center of America, Millville, New Jersey. 

The Rakow Commission, an annual award given to a leading glass artist, received in 1991 from The Corning Museum of Glass.


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